Since today is Friday, we thought we’d do something different here on the site. Today’s post will be completely serious and educational. With a quiz at the end to make sure you read and understood everything. Oh, who the hell are we kidding? We couldn’t do serious if someone paid us to!

This is our kind of serious!

You know how hard it is to findĀ parkingĀ in the city? There’s a perfectly empty lot, right here for you. Parachute not included.

We’re busy planning our vacation for next year. It’s going to be great! First, we’re going to see the space shuttle. Why yes, we did book with How did you know?

They’re such good value that they offer free parking and car maintenance at no extra charge!

Ok, is it me or was this sign just asking for it?

One of these cats isn’t just another pretty face! There be brains in that head!

But not in this one.

Quite the take on “Fish are friends not food!” Am I the only one who’s wondering what will happen when the diver craps himself? Is there a back door to those suits? I’m betting right now he’s glad he’s not wearing a spacesuit! And that reminds me… what happens if you sneeze inside a space suit? These and other gripping questions brought to you by Chopped Liver!

Now for something a little less deep.

Let’s take a moment to talk about transportation.

Ummmm….. or not!

Let’s pause for cake!

This, more than Siri, makes me want an iPhone now. But not for the magical healing ability but because I want to have flames shooting out of my butt!

Errr. Yeah. Speaking of butts….